IMPORTANT Program Information

Thank you for trusting The Risk Advisor Institute to help you achieve your goal of growing your agency. The purpose of this coaching is to help you develop a team that can take your agency to higher levels. Our President, Steve Wilmer, and Director of Training, Tim Harrington, will be part of your team. Your goal is now their goal. 

To achieve your goal, you must be an active participant in your own success. It is critical that you and your team participate in every group coaching call possible. Steve will be asking your team to leave the comfortable world of quoting cheap insurance. He will push them to step out of their comfort zone and try new things. He will teach them how to have valuable conversations versus a transactional mindset. 

Your job is to participate and back us up and let them know that you have hired us to help transform your agency so that we can achieve a much greater goal. Achieving the big goal is never easy, it takes dogged determination. The best way to achieve big goals is to take small steps. And that is what we will be asking you and your team to do. 


Super Squad Private Coaching enrollment is for a commitment of 6 months. Your first two sessions will be charged immediately upon enrolling. Your next charges will be on the 1st of each month. The Risk Advisor Institute will bill the card on file monthly.

Your enrollment includes 2 private coaching calls per month (a total of 12 calls over 6 months) with your coach for total of $897/month for 6 months. Super Squad includes enrollment in Self-Study so that you have access to all of the digital training materials. An Agency Transformation Package and War Room Binder will be mailed to you upon enrollment. 


Scheduling your 12 calls is your responsibility. Use the scheduling page on the Super Squad Dashboard to schedule all 12 calls. If you create an account, you will be able to see your past and future calls, and reschedule if needed.

Reschedule/No Show Policy:

Our coaches prepare extensively for your training calls. That being said, we understand that we all have things happen at the last minute that can’t be avoided. In the event that you need to reschedule a training call, we ask that you change it using the appointment future (if it’s more than 24 hours in advance). If it’s less than 24 hours in advance, please contact your coach by phone (text) and make them aware. They will extend the same courtesy; not doing so may result in a forfeiture of that call. If you need to reschedule and let your coach know ahead of time, you will not lose the call. If you have more than ONE no-show for a scheduled call, you will still be charged for that call, and not be able to make it up. 

Pausing Coaching:

IMPORTANT: As you know, we only allow a certain number of agents in our group coaching program. Enrollment in coaching is a 6 month commitment. If you need to pause coaching for ANY reason, you may do so by contacting the Risk Advisor Institute at If you pause your coaching sessions, your billing will continue each month until all 6 months are paid for (No Exceptions). You may continue coaching where you left off whenever you are ready. If you pause, and the 6 months of billing is complete, you will be charged $97/month for continued access to the Resource Center (Self Study) until you have completed Super Squad Coaching.

Following completion of Infantry Training School, you will automatically be enrolled in Self-Study, $97/mo, and will have continued access to the Resource Center, unless you notify RAI to opt out or choose to enroll in Spot Check Alumni Coaching ($297/mo) 

After Completion:

Following completion of Super Squad Private Coaching, you will automatically be enrolled in Self-Study, $97/mo, and will have continued access to the Resource Center, unless you notify RAI to opt out or choose to enroll in Spot Check Alumni Coaching ($297/mo)